We have a hard crush
on software.

We’re a tech company with American roots, crafting advanced web applications for over 20 years. We’ve teamed up with partners globally. Right now, we’re expanding our crew to dive into innovative projects across the US and Europe.

At ArdentCode, our work culture prioritizes continuous development and a positive environment. We are committed to understanding your goals and providing the necessary support to help you achieve them. Instead of assigning challenging projects, we seek opportunities that align with your career path. Even if your journey takes an unexpected turn, we are here to support you every step of the way. We believe that with clear goals and the right support, we can collaboratively find solutions that benefit us all.

In our team, every voice matters, and we value proactivity and initiative. We believe that achieving our goals is made easier by learning from one another and sharing our gained experiences. Open communication is the key to our effective collaboration. At ArdentCode, every opinion in our team counts, contributing to a comfortable and enjoyable work atmosphere.