Our work

Quality of high performance team by ArdentCode

We help you optimize performance and shorten time to market by delivering scalable agile software development teams that are seamlessly embedded into your in-house staff. Bringing the right people to the right technologies, taking initiative and sharing know-how, so you can stretch your budget and seize opportunities like never before.

Scale fast. Scale smart.


Quality of specialists

  • We focus our activities on providing our clients with the right people in teams.
  • Thanks to reliable recruitment and a well-developed onboarding process, we provide the right specialists with the right competencies.
  • We constantly monitor the team in terms of its suitability to the company’s current needs.
  • New employees know exactly which projects they are joining, creating a stable team capable of onboarding new people.

Quality of integration

  • How to skillfully integrate with the team and organizational culture of our client? We know that only a genuine sense of creating a single, well-blended team leads to optimal performance and full commitment of all its members.
  • We don’t join the project as consultants who have greater experience. But we also don’t want just to execute tasks someone else sets. Instead, we look for ways to maximize our mutual potential.

We connect and engage our people with your employees to form one team focused on achieving a common goal while in line with the principles that operate in your organization.


Quality of blending teams

  • Effective teams build excellent products, creating valuable intellectual property (IP) and technical knowledge (know-how) along the way. We focus on building partner teams in which experience is exchanged organically. We preserve all the team’s knowledge gathered during work.
  • We strive to examine all issues from multiple perspectives to make sure that we choose the right solution. Thanks to this, we gain a fresh view of problems, which allows us to achieve better results.