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As a diverse team at ArdentCode, we bring different passions together, united by common values in our work. Wondering what it’s really like here? Check out reviews from our employees!

In my opinion, ArdentCode is, above all, a company that values its employees by actively listening to their needs and prioritizing their well-being on a daily basis. This commitment creates a friendly atmosphere that fosters excellent cooperation, encouraging the free exchange of knowledge and experiences among colleagues. Furthermore, the company provides numerous opportunities for us to enhance our skills and develop in various fields. Whether through regular training sessions or engaging projects, ArdentCode consistently supports our professional growth. Consequently, working at ArdentCode is not only inherently rewarding but also a continual journey of improvement and skill refinement.

Zuza Zużewicz

Senior Developer

The Junior Program offers a valuable opportunity to gain hands-on experience under the guidance of a mentor. Beyond the technical aspects, participants can develop essential soft skills, especially in teamwork and communication. The company’s dedication to our development makes it a strong starting point for a career.

Sebastian Wegner

Junior Developer

At ArdentCode, our main focus is on helping employees grow, supporting their individual passions and interests. We promote a friendly work culture with openness, seamless teamwork, and a shared celebration of successes.
The heart of our company lies in our people, always ready to share their experiences and knowledge. In this supportive environment, you can be confident that you won’t face challenges alone.

Krzysztof Zwierko

Senior Developer

I was encouraged to join the internship program by a friend from college who works at ArdentCode. The initial conversations and my first month here solidified my belief that ArdentCode knows how to take care of interns.
The first month allowed us to level up, resulting in better cooperation in solving the problems posed. I will gladly recommend the program to my friends because everyone under such care is able to spread their wings.

Michał Walenciak

Regular Developer

I discovered ArdentCode’s internship program while browsing my Facebook feed. Intrigued by the program’s offerings and after learning more about the company, I decided to apply. The recruitment process was smooth, and all my doubts were promptly addressed.
Having spent a month at ArdentCode, I wholeheartedly recommend anyone seeking valuable experience to explore and apply for the Junior Program.

Krzysiek Krawczyk

Regular Developer


At Leadership ArdentCode, our main goal is to cultivate an environment where individuals can not only discover their strengths but also thrive in them. We envision a workplace where inspiration is a shared experience, fostering collective growth and development. Our primary emphasis is on the team—listening attentively, asking thought-provoking questions, and encouraging open conversations. We strive to create an inclusive atmosphere, utilizing questions like “What do you think?” to stimulate collaboration and freely share information that broadens everyone’s perspective on how the company operates.

In this collaborative spirit, we ensure that our work environment is not only comfortable but also responsive to the evolving needs of the team. When challenges arise, we tackle them together, demonstrating our commitment to teamwork and the shared success of our endeavors.


What else we do, to make sure we are building our own high-performing team

Internal initiatives created by ArdentCode:

  1. ArdentAcademy: Monthly training sessions keep our team sharp, ensuring we stay at the forefront of advancements to benefit our clients.
  2. Thursday Lunches: Beyond technicalities, our weekly knowledge-sharing sessions spark diverse discussions and collaborations, bringing fresh perspectives to every project.
  3. Internal Projects: Guided by our Development Department, we embark on innovative projects, enriching our capabilities to better serve our clients.
  4. Feedback Culture: Continuous improvement is our mantra. Regular feedback, from annual reviews to client meetings, helps us align with your expectations.
  5. Development Goals: Your success is paramount. Share your objectives with us, and we’ll tailor our efforts to meet your evolving needs.
  6. Talent Exploration: Diverse talents within our team foster a dynamic environment, contributing to our ability to deliver outstanding results for our clients.

We believe that through these types of activities, we cultivate a high-performing team, ultimately delivering exceptional business solutions to our clients.