We build high performing software. And teams.

Scale fast. Scale smart.

ArdentCode builds high performing software. And high performing software teams. We are a true partner who seamlessly blends into your business, bringing bespoke, reliable, and mature software engineering to help you face big challenges, improve efficiency, and scale smarter.

Think big. Take risks. We’re with you.

  1. We have extensive recruitment process, highly scored by successful candidates
  2. We provide personal and team-level trainings and development processes
  3. We are regarded as a long-term employer – many team members have more than 5 or even 10 years of tenure
  4. We have high level of work satisfaction, which translates into overall team stability
  5. Each new team member has a mentor

Working with external IT partners raises
4 frequent concerns

  1. Quality

    Are they really skilled professionals?

  1. Stability

    Will there be frequent staff turnover?

  1. Culture fit

    Will our team integrate well with them?

  1. Loss of control and knowledge

    Will they control too much know-how?

Our focus

We help you optimize performance and shorten time to market by delivering scalable agile software development teams that are seamlessly embedded into your in-house staff. Bringing the right people to the right technologies, taking initiative and sharing know-how, so you can stretch your budget and seize opportunities like never before.

Why our clients work with us?

We rely on trusted technology partners like ArdentCode
to provide new ideas around tools, technology and methods of work

Anthony Oliveri, Vice President, Product Solutions Development,
Digital eXperience Group | Wolters Kluwer | New York, USA

With a number of ESP (Email Service Provider) solutions in the Spotler Group, the innovation here is to bring a collaborative team of Email technology specialists together with a team from ArdentCode to deliver a new best in breed solution to service all our clients. ArdentCode quickly integrated as just part of the team. The commitment, synergy and great working relationship is a driving force that the whole team should be proud of.

Aaron Yates,
Chief Technology Officer at Spotler Group


HTML5, CSS3 ,Saas, JS, TS, React, Angular, Node.js, PWA, Jest, git, GitLab, GitHub, Cypress, Atlassian


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