What we do?

application development

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What we do?

Our expertise

We specialize in creating cutting-edge IT solutions for professionals in the tax, legal, health, marketing, and education sectors in the US and Europe.

We understand that each customer has unique needs and work closely with them to develop solutions that streamline their daily operations and provide accurate results.

Work with us →


  • Technology consulting and requirements gathering
  • Concepts analysis and prototyping
  • Architecting new solutions
  • Mentoring mature software development processes
  • Delivering full product implementations

Our in-depth experience allows us to help clients in every phase
of the project. Here are the few examples of our work:

CheetahTM is a new intuitive legal research platform, powered by Wolters Kluwer’s world-class content. Enabling faster, more accurate research, a new search structure and enriched content, it organizes legal information topically, putting content in context so attorneys can quickly understand and advise on today’s complex matters.

CheetahTM won Best Legal Solution for 2018 SIIA Business Technology CODiE Awards.

What we did in this project?

  • Development of research application for comprehensive, curated coverage of tax and legal content across more than 25 practice areas
  • Implementation of modern responsive design and innovative workflow tools
  • Content integration
  • Single Sign-On architecture and implementation
  • Implementation of advanced browsing and searching capabilities
  • Search performance tuning
  • Automated testing strategy and implementation
  • BI (Business Intelligence) tooling

“In my role as Vice President of Product Solutions Development at Wolters Kluwer, I have built a high performing organization to develop robust and innovative products and solutions for our customers. We rely on trusted technology partners like ArdentCode to not only scale our development teams but also to provide new ideas around tools, technology and methods of work to help us meet the needs of both our internal business partners and our end users.

Having worked with ArdentCode for many years, I’ve learned what sets them apart is their dedication to their craft, not only the technology aspects but also as it relates to people and relationships with our own staff and our business partners. ArdentCode developers, architects and technical managers act like true partners and come across as a seamless part of the Wolters Kluwer team on every engagement.”

Anthony Oliveri
Vice President

Product Solutions Development, Digital eXperience Group | Wolters Kluwer | New York, USA

MediRegs platform, used every day by thousands of healthcare professionals in USA, allows users to easily receive and manage primary regulatory and coding information. Powerful search capabilities and expanded functionality allow healthcare professionals to minimize claim denials, secure bottom lines and ensure the integrity of programs, revenues and audit documentation with advanced primary source content and expert tools.

MediRegs provides information needed to make critical regulatory, reimbursement, coding, and compliance decisions.

What we did in this project?

  • Development of configurable, responsive web application using Angular and Node.js
  • Solution architecture which had to integrate into an existing ecosystem of services
  • Content integration and conversion tools
  • Rapid UI prototyping to support UX refinement decisions
  • Automated testing strategy and implementation

“You and the team have consistently been able to look past the emergency of the day and see how to make the best long term decisions to guarantee the life of the product for years to come.

You and the team have been able to handle everything thrown in your direction, and you have been able to anticipate and correct for many things even before they were thrown.

That comes from your hard work, your professionalism, and your dedication to excellence. You have delivered a great product (or should I say 18 or 50 great products!))”

Mark von Loon
Technical Project Lead

Product Solutions Delivery, Digital eXperience Group | Wolters Kluwer | New York, USA

ArdentCoach streamlines personal training process by enabling easy communication between Coaches and Runners. Coaches can easily create and manage workout plans for their trainees, while runners can provide essential feedback from their training sessions in an easy and convenient manner. Notifications keep everybody up to date with workout plans changes.

We created ArdentCoach with “for runners, by runners” attitude – its idea came from our own team members’ experience as adept runners as well as experienced marathoners and coaches.

What we did in this project?

  • Workout plans panels for coaches and runners
  • Integrated communicator and notifications for mobile devices
  • Synchronization with sport equipment – smartwatches, phone, heart rate monitor – provides better insight into training performance
  • Integration with external authentication providers – Google and Facebook
  • Progressive Web Application implementation – ArdentCoach retains functionality even in no-network situations

“ArdentCode team and its leader do not make compromises on design, quality and the beauty of delivered solutions. These are so deeply rooted in their culture that no one even speaks about it. What they do speak about are people and relationships. Respect, inspiration, devotion… It is a pleasure to work together with them.”

Leszek Adamczyk

Leadyou.pl | Entrepreneur Boutique | Warsaw, PL

One FISCALE is the new solution for finance and tax businesses in Italy, that combines a simple and intuitive user experience (UX) with the completeness and authoritativeness of the existing Italian IPSOA content.

One Fiscale delivers fast and accurate results thanks to sophisticated search optimizations. It is designed with mobile-first approach, making it easy to use on the move.

What we did in this project?

  • Solution architecture which had to support several parallel products development
  • Implementation of responsive web application using JavaScript and Node.js
  • Content integration
  • Search performance tuning
  • BI (Business Intelligence) tooling
  • Automated testing strategy and implementation

“Please accept my thanks and appreciation for the great work your ArdentCode team did to bring us to the impressive results in great delivery of ONE Legale for the Italian LR business team. You and the team have brought us through a series of ever-improving successes in Italy over the past years and we look forward to more to come!”

Michael Cleary
Senior Vice President

Product Solutions, Digital eXperience Group | Wolters Kluwer | Alphen, NL

“I think the most important aspect of work are the people that you meet every day. I really enjoy spending time with my team, and I don’t think it will ever change at ArdentCode.”

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