We areabout people

When I launched this company, I set out to create a workplace where people could uncover their potential, where we inspire each other to grow together both professionally and personally, where we deliver outstanding solutions through exceptional collaboration.

Technology changes rapidly. People don't. We believe that people are the biggest asset and competitive advantage a company can have. The word ardent means passionate, enthusiastic, wholehearted, intense, zealous. That is the kind of people we’ve been building our company around for the past seventeen years.

We areabout code

Since 2001 we’ve been working on a broad range of technologies. Today we build complex Web applications, but we’ve grown our experience through years of .NET and Java development.

Web technologies will change again and again. The experience our team - of ardent programmers, analysts and designers - has accumulated over the past decade, pays back each time we move into a new field and into a new project.

We are about character. We thrive and get on together very well – both with our clients and partners, as well as our teammates - because there are several things that we all enjoy and pay attention to. When we asked ourselves - why are we really doing this, what are the values at the core of our decisions and work ethics? – we realized that we all strive to:

Engage to Connect
Lead through integrity
Deliver on promise

We engageto connect

Working with clients and partners starts with understanding their needs well. The ability to engage and to connect with others is crucial to our team culture. It is a skill, not a gift we were born with, so we work on these skills as a team – through regular workshops, personal mentoring, leadership examples.

Engage to connect to us means – finding a way to understand our peers and our clients; more listening, less talking; giving some of our time to others. That’s why everyone on our team is approachable, open to feedback and willing to share. We created an environment, where newcomers quickly become confident specialists, then experts in their respective fields, and finally true mentors for others.

We leadthrough integrity

Lead through integrity to us means taking ownership of work - at any level of the organization and projects - and seeing it through to completion. It means being proactive, looking for ways to move ahead, and overcoming obstacles.

We believe in personal autonomy, responsibility and engagement. That’s why we invest time in helping our team members to become personal leaders – regardless of their formal position. We do it through setting personal goals, supporting a broad range of training and leadership guidance. For new team members it all starts with being mentored by one of the more experienced peers.

Looking for inspiring teammates? Want to uncover what you can still learn as a seasoned developer or experienced team leader?

We deliveron promise

Our clients are mainly in the USA, but also in Poland, Italy, Germany, Netherlands and the UK. We delivered solutions ranging from new product launches - conceived within weeks by teams of only a few people - to complex solutions, which involved leading distributed teams of 100+ developers.

Deliver on promise to us means earning trust. To earn and grow this trust, we challenge ourselves to give honest promises – to strive for the best outcome, to push our creativity, but also to know, when to say “no” to unrealistic expectations.